Specific Objectives of the Project

1. to create Social Nets of Informal Learning; 

2. to create spaces on the platform MOODLE of the Italian school for the formation and the management of community collaborative and for the fruition of materials and useful lessons for the scholastic activities; 

3. to create (pupils or pupils and teachers together) multimedia material and tools profits for the didactic activities in class;  

4. to use the materials servants and deposited on the platform MOODLE in class with the pupils during the daily activities; 

5. to experiment new circles of comparison and meeting intercultural; 

6. to compare him with reality and different educational systems; 

7. to learn to build and to manage searches street Internet, Forum, Chat, videoconferences, materials and lessons e-learning; 

8. to learn to use the new technologies as tools of communication and learning; 

9. to arouse the interest for the study of the sciences. 

10.To use the Mathematics, the competitions and the ICTs as profit of the daily didactic activity departs. 

"Projekt bol realizovaný s finančnou podporou Európskej komisie, Generálneho riaditeľstva pre vzdelávanie a kultúru v rámci Programu celoživotného vzdelávania. Zverejnené informácie nemusia zodpovedať stanoviskám Európskej komisie."


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